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King Dory Fillets ( 320g )


Our King Dory comes as.

  • Skin off
  • No Bones
  • Average size of fillet is 320g, price is per fillet.

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King Dory is a wild caught deep water fish mainly in the south-eastern coast of N.S.W and Victoria. It is available year-round and its silver skin makes it easier to distinguish between other dories, King Dory fillets are boneless and have a yellowish-white firm flesh which makes it one of our most popular fillet selections.

With a variety of ways to cook King Dory we recommend pan fry, baking or Steaming. You can also barbecue by wrapping the fish in foil to prevent it from burning. With its edible skin, High Flavour and low oiliness texture you can create the perfect dish with our King Dory Fillets.

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Weight 320 g


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