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Sea Perch Fillet ( 250g )


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Our Sea Perch ( Orange Roughy ) comes as.

  • Skin off
  • No Bones
  • Average size of fillet is 250g, price is per fillet.

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Out of stock

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Sea Perch was first fished commercially off New Zealand and then later off in Australia. Sea Perch is distinctive, with its bright orange skin, spiky fins and bon head. Otherwise known as (Orange Roughy) is a deep-water fish and found in deep and pressurized environments.

Sea Perch has a mild, Delicate flavour and moist while its meat holds together well after cooking. You will find Sea Perch has an oily texture and its flesh tends to turn pearly white once cooked.

Sea Perch is tolerant to most cooking methods, we don’t recommend deep frying as it has a moderate oily content. Steaming, baking & pan frying with almost any seasoning or sauce will give you the best outcome in Sea Perch.

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Weight 250 g


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