What We Do

At Aptus our main objective is to provide customers fresh and sustainable seafood of the highest quality. We holster a wide variety of fresh seafood and if we don’t have it in stock , we could get it in for you. We also have fresh sushi, sashimi, canapes made daily at our Oyster Bar along with freshly shucked Oysters! We even opened up our own Seafood Grill, were you can buy cooked seafood to eat-in or take home. We can even prepare meals to cook at home.

Our retail store is cleaned meticulously, and approved by HACCP. Our fleet of delivery trucks are refrigerated and checked daily to maintain temperatures. Aptus under its wing has over 50 years of experience in the seafood industry opening in 1969. Experience is something you can’t teach and we have it. From knowing which fish to buy and when, to provide our customers with the best quality seafood in the industry. We are constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

Wanting to buy something for a special occasion, we can create seafood platters ranging from sushi platters, crustacean platters, oyster platters or design your own within your budget. We do catering also, vary from cooked seafood to fresh sushi/sashimi, fresh seafood. For more information contact info@aptusseafoods.com.au.

We are looking into the future and will adapt to online ordering catering for people not being able to come to the market and getting the fresh seafood they desire. We have started our delivery service is well, for more information in regards to ordering contact us on orders@aptusseafoods.com.au. We have chefs on-site for recipe related questions and soon to have online recipes with step by step on how to create new dishes with our seafood. Stay tuned!

Restaurants looking for fresh seafood we can cater to your needs contact us on info@aptusseafoods.com.au for more information.

For your peace and mind we have implemented COVID Safe procedures at our facilities, our staff undergo COVID safety training.

Delivery COVID Information – Our delivery drivers carry on antibacterial hand sanitiser and trained to handle the orders accordingly.